One Man's Trash is Another Man's Biofuel

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We as a species have two very huge problems: waste is piling up at an alarming rate and we desperately need an abundant source of clean energy. Many believe that the perfect solution to both of these problems is a simple one. Turn our waste into energy. Problem solved. Could it really work? Many scientists believe it can.

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Excremental Energy: Ways to Turn Biological Waste into Fuel

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Biomass is a renewable energy source that can come from any kind of organic material, from simple wood and plant crops to dead animals. Aside from these typical energy sources, biomass also includes a large portion of its usable material in the form of excremental waste. That's right; there are biomass power plants around the world that uses animal manure to produce the energy to power a community.

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Equating Biomass Fuel Consumption with Carbon Neutrality

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Carbon is an abundant element on Earth that gets circulated naturally through different environmental levels. Animals, for example, have been producing carbon emissions for millions of years even before our gas guzzlers started polluting the atmosphere. It is only balanced and regulated by our planet's carbon cycle.

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E 85: A Cure for the Environment?

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Many developments have emerged recently in relation to the car industry and the environment. Finding a good solution is a priority. Ethanol, or E 85, may just be the answer. Any vehicle that has a fuel injection system can be converted to accept E 85 and vehicles that can use flex fuels can be operated on E 85. Another benefit of this fuel is fewer harmful emissions. E 85 is a biofuel which means it is made from a renewable resource like corn or other grains. Because of this it helps support the local economy instead of OPEC.

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Clean Energy from Bacteria

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Bacteria are the most prolific form of life on Earth. With about five nonillion on our planet, they form a biomass greater than that of all plant and animal life combined. They can grow and thrive in almost any habitat, whether it be radioactive waste or the inside of another living organism. It has long been known that although some bacteria are harmful to humans, nearly all types have a beneficial purpose on our planet. We are now discovering that bacteria may be even more useful to mankind by helping us to produce clean, renewable energy. Scientists worldwide are discovering that bacteria have limitless uses in the search for green energy.

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Biomass Fuel- Versatile Green Energy

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Biomass fuels come from an abundance of diverse organic materials. This makes them an excellent source for renewable energy. Biomass fuels are made with wood, waste, plant materials and countless other materials that are widely available. Over the decades more creative and earth friendly uses for this fuel have become known and are being used every day.

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Algae's Role in the Move Toward Alternative Energy

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In the quest to move away from our fossil fuel dependence and toward more earth-friendly choices, scientists are exploring every possible resource. Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro electricity have been implemented in a number of areas around the globe and are being improved upon daily. Fuels are being made out of everything from corn to dirty diapers. Many scientists now are looking to a new source of energy, one that produces 15 times more power than other biofuels. This miracle resource is algae and a number of researchers are exploring the many ways this energy powerhouse can be used as a renewable fuel source.

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