Top Green Business Ideas for the Eco Business Entrepreneur

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green-business-ideasBusiness entrepreneurs no longer have the choice of going green today, as "green" now describes a movement including the bulk of small businesses.  Making your business green might not give you an instant edge, but it will keep you from falling behind.  Chances are, your competition is already going green.  Fortunately, there are many easy strategies to make your business more environmentally friendly and profitable at the same time.  Employ some of these green business ideas so that your business will succeed.

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Why Clean Energy Matters

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People have always been fascinated with energy.  Since the early days of wind power, we have always wanted to truly master energy.  In the today’s 21st century we are faced with the task of trying to create a world where this fascination is harnessed by clean energy. 
Why is clean energy so important?
Clean energy is one of the most pressing issues in the world. 

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What Green Energy Can Do For You

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Green energy, also known as sustainable energy, is created from sources other than fossil fuels. These sources are considered eco friendly when they originate from a resource that does not contribute to the pollution of the environment or depletion of its resources.  This is important because there is a real risk that so many resources for energy will be depleted that there will not be enough to meet the needs of future generations.

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Transforming Waste Heat into an Energy Source

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For decades we have been taught not to waste energy. We know that we should turn off lights and water when we aren’t using them. We know we should insulate our homes to prevent heat loss and cut down on air conditioning. We know everything should be done as efficiently as possible. But still we are wasting an endless amount of energy and most of this is heat energy. It follows, of course, that scientists are working to find a way to turn that waste heat back into a usable energy source.

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The Role of Outer Space in the Move Toward Alternative Energy

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The quest to find clean, renewable energy sources has led scientists from around the world on an incredible journey across our planet. Research has been conducted using sunlight, wind, and water to find solutions. Breakthroughs have occurred with algae; bacteria, waste products, motion, and almost anything else you could imagine to either create energy or perfect production. Now scientists are looking a little further from home for a solution to our growing energy crisis.

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Sources of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is popular talk among people today. Many are aware of some sort of renewable resources that are used for energy. Nonrenewable resources are rapidly being depleted and have harmful effects on the environment. In contrast renewable energy is more efficient in costs and on the planet. Natural energy is better all around. There are many sources for renewable resources available today for energy.

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Sources of Renewable Energy - Overview

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All the energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished is classified as renewable energy. Major sources of renewable energy include sunlight, rain, wind, and tides.

Renewable energy gained a lot of momentum in the last couple of years, in the context of climate change, of high oil prices, and of the numerous environmental issues that trouble the planet.

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Renewable Energy and How to Use It

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With the recent surge in the concern over the environment renewable energy has become popular. There are many choices of renewable energy now available. The use of renewable energy is not new. Throughout history people have used renewable energy like wind and water as tools for power they need. However today with recent innovations there are many ways other renewable energy can be used.

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Is Piezoelectricity a Feasible Solution?

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Piezoelectricity is the charge that is generated in certain materials, mostly crystals, when they experience mechanical strain. This technology is already being used in a variety of common tools such as cigarette lighters and push-ignition barbecue grills. Piezoelectricity has the potential to provide us with a great source of green energy if it is properly utilized. As with many other renewable energy sources, scientists are diligently working to find the best possible ways to harvest piezoelectric energy.

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Important Steps in the Worldwide Shift to Alternative Energy

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There is exciting news for Earth-lovers everywhere! It seems the message has finally gotten through and countries all over the world are taking important steps to switch to eco-friendly energy sources. Aside from the constant flow of new ideas and inventions that are being tested, several areas are pushing ahead to the actual use of green energy.

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