Solar Energy for Home and Business

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solar energy-8021Worldwide acknowledgement of the benefits of reducing dependence upon traditional fossil fuels as an energy source is clear. Research into renewable sources is rapidly advancing in the fields of solar, nuclear, wind, and water. While research into safely providing nuclear sources and harnessing wind and water continue the advances in sunlight technologies have made significant leaps. Most recently directional mirrors, reflective parabolic dishes, and photovoltaic panels have provided interesting results. Research has increased efficiency, stability, and costs to make the sun's light an affordable choice.

Self Sufficient

As David Crane's comments in the New York Times Opinion Page stated in his article entitled "Solar Panels for Every Home" recent natural disasters such as hurricanes, winter storms, and earthquakes cause debilitating disruptions in power supplies. Being able to carry on business in the face of such disasters in spite of downed lines is worth its weight in gold. Homes are also protected from electricity outages when they take advantage of the sun's abundant radiation. Depending upon an internal electric source helps create the stability to keep a business open and families comfortable.


Organizations such as the Solar Electric Power Association are working to help utility companies harness the sun. For the organization or private homes who desire to take a more independent energy path site assessment should include: The amount of sunlight the area receives, levels of current utility usage, and state and federal incentives. While improvements in sunlight collection and storage continue, areas with reduced sunlight may make using the sun as a source impractical. Determine how much utility independence makes sense then select the appropriate platform. There are programs offered by state and federal sources that provide incentives to businesses and homeowners to change to green.

Private Power Plant


Being able to produce electric supplies in-house is an attractive option for homeowners and businesses. The obvious benefits of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and taking advantage of a renewable source includes obtaining significant savings. With proper planning, utility costs may be a thing of the past as electricity is produced on site.

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Tapping the sun's light can be a confusing topic. Businesses and homeowners alike can take advantage of Eco 2020's newsletter. This information packed newsletter can help make sense of the latest research, assist in determining the most beneficial approach, and add green measures that will increase savings of resources and money. Take advantage of Eco 2020's rich knowledge base to help shift from fossil fuel dependence to green efficiency.

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