Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter - Consider Renewable Energy Sources

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As winter comes ever closer we start to feel blue, both with the temperatures going down and our energy consumption and costs going up!

Do not despair, there is help at hand with great financial deals for adopting renewable energy sources, which will help you both improve your green footprint and control your costs. You will find there are a wide variety of renewable energy sources you could choose from; wind power, solar water heating, solar electric panels and a range of heat pump options including air source, ground source and waste heat recovery systems. For information on the available renewable energy building products, renewable energy suppliers and up to date advice from professional associations, you need to look no further than the information on Wholebuild.

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Seven Green Jobs That Are Currently in Demand

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Green jobs are more in demand than ever as more and more businesses are shifting their focus towards sustainable practices. If you're passionate about protecting the planet and are job hunting, check out seven green jobs currently in high demand:

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An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Green Roofs

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green roof basics

Green Roof Basics

When thinking about an eco-friendly green roof, your first thoughts might be that it is made from recycled materials, there are no chemical sealants involved and that it uses no fossil fuels or other pollutants to produce. And while those are certainly the accepted norms for making an evironmentally friendly green roof, the green roof I am talking about is actually a genuine "green roof." It is green because of the plants that cover the surface, which reduces rainwater run off, lowers both heating and cooling costs, with the added benefit that they last far longer than a conventional roof. It's a concept that has been used for centuries in Europe, and it is just beginning to catch on in the U.S. Here's how they work.

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How to Choose Green Cleaning Products

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howtogreencleanersThe use of green products for cleaning promotes a healthier environment for people and animals. Many commercial cleaners contain ingredients which can be toxic to children and pets such as ammonia and chlorine bleach. These substances are found in many products such as glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaners and laundry aids. While they do a great job of getting rid of dirt and grime, they can cause toxic fumes when used with other cleaners and may cause severe burns if it comes in contact with skin or eyes.

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Effective and Efficient Products for the Home

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In 1922, a book entitled The High Cost of Cheap Construction published by Weyerhaeuser Forest Products pointed out that the use of cheap materials actually resulted in "Short life, quick depreciation, high repair costs and low resale values, too, are largely the result of construction short-cuts not generally recognized by home-builders, yet all too commonly practiced in the building of houses of whatever materials."

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Energy Vampire

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With Halloween quickly approaching you may be on the look out for Vampires. One particular one that you should be sure to avoid is what is commonly referred to as the “Energy Vampire”. 40% of energy used is from appliances that are turned off-according to the National Resources Defense Council.

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The Joy of Curtains

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By Dr. Robert Buxbaum January 13, 2011

In our northern climates, most people have high-tech, double-paned windows that cost a fortune but are a lot better than plain glass. Unfortunately, they are still a lot less insulating than the equivalent area of wall. It should be obvious why this is so: the typical double pane windows are only about ¾" thick, including glass panes, and the space between them filled (typically) with air.

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Spiritual Sustainability-How Eco-Friendly Monks Rekindled the Use of Spirits.

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They say people in glass homes shouldn't throw stones. Well, this is one glass home you're not likely to find a squabbling pair in. In 1984, Buddhist monks in Thailand began gathering bottles to decorate their shelters. The interest not only attracted a lot of tourists but also resulted in a flood of donated bottles to help the monks realize their luminary vision.

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Saving Trees is Chic

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As the saying goes, green is the new black. While you may have been looked at strangely not too long ago if people learned that you actually recycle your trash, it no longer holds true today. Almost 70% of the population is more environmentally conscious than they'd ever believed that they would be.

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Live a Green Lifestyle this Summer

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What is a Green Lifestyle

A green lifestyle is an ethical commitment to conservation - or just simply a greater awareness of what we're consuming and what impact we have on our environment. Over the last few years, with the rise of a 'green' trend, we've seen a lot more companies not only catering to the green market, but making it easier to consumers to be educate on ways to be more eco-friendly.

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