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In 1922, a book entitled The High Cost of Cheap Construction published by Weyerhaeuser Forest Products pointed out that the use of cheap materials actually resulted in "Short life, quick depreciation, high repair costs and low resale values, too, are largely the result of construction short-cuts not generally recognized by home-builders, yet all too commonly practiced in the building of houses of whatever materials."


In 2013, some 90 years after that book was written, the homeowner seeking to renovate has green building supplies not available to home improvement professionals. In spite of the reusable materials created by the global efforts to recycle, reduce, and reuse the advice given in 1922 holds true. Care must be taken with selection of environment friendly materials to ensure they are both effective and efficient.

Manufacturers of supplies used for building and to renovate have embraced a more green approach to product production. Not limiting themselves to using recycled materials, they are also beginning to seek more effective ways to reduce usage. Such products as plywood roof sheathing clips are a good place to start. A good example of this is using Simpson Strong tie bridging, hurricane tie kit, column bases, post vigrx plus dosage base, tie plates and joist hangers as a way to limit the amount of nails used, but also to prevent squeaky floors. Another green home improvement product to consider is the Plylox Hurricane Clip to secure windows.

A product that has emerged as a leader in green building may be a surprise to those concerned with the environment. In efforts to recycle plastics into environmentally friendly products, the insulation benefits of plastics has emerged. Repurposed plastics are being used in everything from blown in insulation to Berry Plastics clear and black polyethylene sheeting to keep out moisture. The addition of such efficient products as the ADO Products foam and plastic insulation plugs to provide additional protection against wind and water is another way to minimize the global carbon footprint.

Whether the goal is to reduce your global carbon footprint or reuse materials efficiently, be aware of the high cost of cheap construction. As you plan for your next project, carefully select quality green building materials. The renovator can begin researching these quality products at TVI Supply. To find out more about building tips to control the carbon footprint, sign up for the ECO 2020 Newsletter.

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