How to Choose Green Cleaning Products

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howtogreencleanersThe use of green products for cleaning promotes a healthier environment for people and animals. Many commercial cleaners contain ingredients which can be toxic to children and pets such as ammonia and chlorine bleach. These substances are found in many products such as glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaners and laundry aids. While they do a great job of getting rid of dirt and grime, they can cause toxic fumes when used with other cleaners and may cause severe burns if it comes in contact with skin or eyes.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are manufactured from natural substances without chemical agents and are safe to use around the home. Natural ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make great cleansers because they are non-toxic and can be used with other cleaning products with no fear of chemical reactions. Here are a few tips on what to look for when purchasing green cleaning products.

Green Cleaner Checklist:

  1. Avoid products that contain chlorine bleach.  Bleach produces toxic fumes when mixed with other cleaning agents that contain ammonia. Look for products that contain citrus oils, baking soda or vinegar to get rid of dirt and remove odors. The strong odor of vinegar dissipates when mixed with water and allowed to dry.
  2. Any products with the words “flammable”, “danger” or “poison” on the bottle should be avoided at all costs. Instead look for the words “biodegradable”, “phosphate-free”, “eco-friendly” or all-natural. These products will be safe and do not produce gases that pollute the air or water.
  3. When purchasing green cleaners, choose products in a concentrated form to save money and reduce waste. Concentrated formulas are those that are added to water in a mop bucket or can be used to refill bottles of previously purchased products.  
  4. Laundry detergents such as Arm and Hammer and Seventh Generation have formulas with no perfumes, dyes or phosphates.
  5. To reduce excess waste, choose products with the least amount of packaging or containers that can be recycled. 


Choosing to purchase green products is one way to help reduce the carbon footprint and use less of our natural resources. You can also be assured that the products in your home are safe for your family and will not cause any health problems later on in life.  

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