Top 10 Green Gadgets

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Looking for some environmentally friendly high tech gadgets? Here are a few fun items that are as useful as they are resourceful!

#1. Dell- Outlet Studio Hybrid Desktop

We already know manufacturers have been attempting to green personal computing for quite some time. Usually, the best that could be done manufacturing a few parts with recycled materials and lowering power consumption. Many "green" computers sacrifice power to lessen their ecological impact, and thus remain unpopular among many computer enthusiasts; However, Dell may have just created a nifty balance! The Outlet Studio Hybrid Desktop packs quite a machine into a size 80% smaller than standard desktops. It sports an 87% efficient power supply and uses 70% less power than most full-size desktop machines. The packaging is recyclable, and the documentation is entirely digital, to conserve paper. This machine doesn't skimp on power either! It sports a Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor, DVD/CD/optional Blu-Ray drive, optional TV tuner, wireless input devices, and even Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box. What about when it reaches the end of its service? It even includes a complete recycling kit to make sure it doesn't go to waste! It seems to have more than enough power for the average user.

#2. Voltaic - "Kill A Watt" Power Strip

Not so much a "green product" in itself, but if used correctly, can help you monitor how much electricity your entire computer or home theater system is using while keeping it safe from dirty power and dangerous surges. This device's display allows you to monitor voltage, line frequency, amperage, kilowatt hours, current leakage, and more! With this scientifically specific set of information, you'll be equipped to be environmentally conscious about the use of even the most demanding electronics.

#3. Voltaic – Generator Solar Laptop Charger

It's a well-known fact that charging portable devices can consume an immense amount of energy. What if you could charge your laptop, camera, or cell phone without taxing the grid? Now you can! This solar-powered laptop bag is made from recycled soda-bottle material, which is waterproof, lightweight, and resistant to those nasty ultra-violet rays. The solar panels are capable of charging most small devices in about 1 hour in the sun, and the bag can't fit a laptop up to the size of a 17'' Macbook Pro.

#4. Samsung - Blue Earth Phone

Finally, a phone designed specifically with the environmentally-responsible in mind. This phone features a full touch LCD screen and is made from recycled plastic from used bottles and solar panels. It even includes all sorts of eco-centric applications such as an eco pedometer and eco calendar. The best part? A solar panel integrated into the back of the phone can be used to charge it any time during the day!

#5. WeWood – Wooden Watches

What makes these timepieces unique is that they are constructed from 100% natural wood. These stylish watches come in a myriad of fanciful designs, are incredibly lightweight, and with each one you buy, WeWood plants one tree!

#6. Husqvarna – Solar-Powered Robotic Automower

This snazzy robot aims to rid us of the monotonous activity of lawn-mowing. After laying a buried wire along the perimeter of the lawn to be mowed, the robot carries out its duty to a custom set length at regular intervals. The automower releases no emissions, and operates with significantly less noise than a traditional gas-powered mower. The collected grass decomposes into fine mulch that the device can later spread during future cuttings. Weighing in at under 20 lbs and generally self-sufficient with its built in solar charger, this device is incredibly eco-cool, although unfortunately quite pricey.

#7. Isben Calda – The Gota Dishwasher

This eco-friendly dishwasher design steams the dishes in its pre-wash cycle, and uses the water from the vapors in its wash cycle; effectively using 50% less water. Definitely something to look out for.

#8. Eco-heater - Eco-heater

This wall-mounted convection space heater uses 73% less electricity than conventional room heaters. It effectively warms a space of 120 square feet and uses only 400 watts! This device is a much better alternative to conventional heaters, and better for the environment too!

#9. Fashionation – Eco-Speakers

These cube-shaped speakers are made from 100% recycled materials and can be folded flat for ultimate portability. They work from the power of your device, so they don't even require batteries. Fortunately, they also come in a variety of styles, too!

#10. USB Cell – USBCELL

Last but not least, these innovative NiMH AA rechargeable batteries are as versatile as their alkaline counterparts, with the added ability to recharge in any computer's USB port!

LED Lighting-The Ups and Downs of a New Technology

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Whether they are called solid-state lights, light emitting diodes, or simply LEDs, these are the names of a new technology that could be the light at the end of the tunnel for the search of the perfect light bulb. Like many new technologies, LEDs promise to be the ultimate light source that will last for decades under normal use and will use a fraction of the power as an incandescent light and even less power than a compact fluorescent light.

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Growing Need for Eco-friendly Computers

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When looking to buy a new computer people rarely consider the environmental impact that these devices have, but when you consider the number of toxic materials used in their construction, the need becomes obvious. When you are sitting at your desk or using your laptop these toxins are essentially harmless, but when the old system outlives it usefulness, the toxins become an issue.

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Five top Brands join in PET Project

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September 6, 2012

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has been a major point of contention among environmentally conscious consumers and five major U.S. manufacturers appear ready to do something about this consumer PET peeve. This lightweight plastic, used in a variety of products from plastic bottles to clothing and carpets has grown to be an environmentalist's nightmare mainly due to the space they take up in landfills and damage to the environment.

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Green Roofs- For a Green Tomorrow

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If you have ever had the chance to take a helicopter ride over a large city or even just look at aerial pictures taken from high above a city, there is one thing that is guaranteed you will see – a sea of ugly tar and concrete roofs hanging over buildings like a guilty conscience. Not only are these roofs not very appealing to the eye, they also tend to be inefficient as well. But these ugly roofs might be a thing of the past with an increasing interest in green roofs.

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Green Cell Phones

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Communication is a basic necessity for everyone on the planet. So is going maintaining the health of the planet. These two needs meet together with the introduction of green cell phones. The mobile world is eagerly joining other product manufacturers in doing their part to help the environment in a variety of ways.

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Choosing Green Insulation for Your Home

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If you are considering ways to make your home more energy efficient take a moment to think about green insulation. Having good insulation will lower the heat transfer rate between the inside of your home and the outside environment. This is not just good for those cold winter months.

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Compact Fluorescent Lights

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For most people, trying to change and adapt to our ever changing world is never easy, but for once the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFL bulbs for short might be a lot easier to transition to then most other things. Most people associate a fluorescent light with the long tube style lights that so graciously populate our office buildings and as it seems constantly flicker, produce a light that is not too pleasing to the eyes and even sometimes make that all too annoying buzzing sounds.

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Bottom Wave Generators

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Brand new sources of green energy are discovered every year. Yet other tried and true sources have been used for many years, such as water. Water has been a renewable energy source using different methods, such as hydropower, for centuries. Wave generators are a more recent technology that uses water to harness energy.

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Talking About the Environment on Your Hot New Phone

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It would only make sense that eventually those who think in green would get to talk that way. While there are other phones that can qualify as fairly eco-friendly, the Motorola A45 Eco has actually earned the's carbon neutral certification and has more features than many other comparable phones.

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