Green Chargers – Extremely Convenient and Useful

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Chargers are a common fixture in our homes and offices, charging our many mobile devices and then being left in the AC plug until the next moment they are needed. What many people know, but ultimately forget, is that wall chargers take in small amounts of power even when they are not being used. That is especially true for cell phone chargers, which have earned a reputation of being ' electronic vampires' due to the amount of electricity they waste. The small amount of power most chargers continuously draw in quickly becomes a large amount of power if the charger is plugged in for long periods of time, draining electricity and wasting money. Green charging stations are the solution to the multitude of problems that comes with charger cords.

Green charging stations are devices that allow you to charge multiple devices at once while only taking up one AC plug. Depending on the brand one buys, the charging station comes with multiple built-in connecters for mobile devices ranging from IPods to Blackberries to cameras. Many brands of these charging stations, like the GenZ Eco Power charging station, use LED lights to indicate charge status. Charging stations are generally small enough to easily place in homes and offices and are available in multiple designs.

As for saving both electricity and money, charging stations have various features that prevent power from being used excessively. When you plug a device into an ordinary charger that draws its power from an AC plug, the charger will continuously draw in power regardless of if the device is fully charged or not. Furthermore, the longer you leave the charged device plugged in, the shorter the battery life of that device will be become, which in turn requires more charging. It quickly turns into a nasty, electricity wasting cycle. Green charging stations fix all of these problems.

When you charge a device using a charging station, the power will automatically be cut off when the device is fully charged, saving electricity and extending the battery life. The charging station also provides organization by keeping all the charger cords in one place and reducing the amount of AC plugs used. Since the charging station cuts off unneeded power by itself, no preventative measures on the owner's part are necessary. Many people forget to unplug their unused chargers, but a charging station's AC plug never needs to be removed.

Charging stations are easy to come by for those wishing to purchase one. They are offered in many shapes, styles, and colors. Prices are usually dependent on the stations capabilities and how many devices it is compatible with. Most brands can be found on Amazon with a wide range of prices.

Standard charger cords are notorious for using power that isn't needed. Charging stations are designed to do the opposite-that is, they reject power that is not needed. These green chargers are not just a great way to organize all of your devices and their cumbersome cords, they are great way to be a little greener in your home and in your office.

Eco Chargers are Increasingly Popular

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Probably the most inefficient part of any electronic (aside from the batteries) would have to be the charger. A charger can pull and subsequently waste a lot of energy. How many of you take an electronic off of the charger once it's fully charged? How many of you leave the charger in the plug and simply reattach the device whenever it looks like you might have lost a power bar?

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Blink and You Miss it: Batteries That Charge in Twenty Seconds or Less

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MIT scientists are hoping that they are less than two years away from a device that can give batteries a fully usable recharged status in less than twenty seconds. The charging device will have a variety of uses and can possibly change the lives of those who rely on some typically slow charging battery types. In addition, it will reduce the weight and size of the batteries.

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Recharging versus Switching Batteries

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In the world of alternative fuel vehicles, there are those that are for them and those that are against them. Those that are against them claim that they are unreliable, unproven and expensive. A University of California–Berkeley study as well as information released by A Better Place may stomp out some of those fears.

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Intelligent Chargers and Switch Mode Chargers: Making the Most Out of Your Battery

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We have all heard the stories and seen the reports on the news (or watched the video on YouTube), someone leaves a battery in the charger for too long, and it overheats and then bursts into flames. Exploding batteries may be a rare occurrence, but not so rare that the manufacturer's advice should be ignored about how to charge your own battery type and how long you should leave it in the charger.

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Aerovironment To Begin Making a Battery Charging Innovation

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Aerovironment is a company that has specialized in the development and manufacture of unmanned aircraft systems as well as efficient energy storage systems. In 2007, the company was granted a United States patent for a battery-charging technology that would allow simultaneous (parallel) charging of multiple batteries.

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