What Robots Capable of Doing

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Robotic technology is nothing new. There have been stories around for centuries about humanoids and robots. Recent technological advances have more than a few scratching their heads wondering what they will think up of next. The answer is not really simple. There is really no way to know. Just 60 years ago no one would believe that robots would replace humans in the workplace. However, many companies use them today for a multitude of purposes.

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Technology Advances in Robotics

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A few decades ago robots were either characters in a story that were to be feared or science fiction movies. Today however people rely heavily on the technology of robotics for everyday life. With the major advances in technology robots have also evolved. What once was just a tale has become a fully functional and very useful tool in many industries. Science has really become real with today's robots and how they function.

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Robots in Industry

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Robotic technology is nothing new. Robots have been in use since 1961 and are slowly replacing humans in industrial work. Of course this has led to a great debate over the years. Change happens whether we like it or not. Robots have been integrated into many industries and will continue to do so as company leaders seek to increase production and reduce costs. Robots simply do the tasks easily and cost less.

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Robots as Caregivers

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Caregivers are needed to help care for the elderly and aged in every country. Some countries are considering the use of robots to help care for the rising number of seniors in their communities. Although it may sound like something from a science fiction novel or movie, with the recent advances in robotic technology it may be reality soon enough. With Japan's recent reveal of ASIMO, carebots, or fully functional robots, may soon replace humans in one more industry.

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Robots: From Fiction to Fact

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Robots have been popular since the early historical times. Written in fictional stories since 1837, people have been fascinated with robots and robotic technology. Today, however, robots are used widely in a number of industries. These automatic creatures are no longer just a piece of fiction. Great strides in technology have improved what robots are capable of today.

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Robotics Improve the Environment

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With the recent soar in going green, the robotics industry has boomed. Robots have helped reduce waste and pollutants to the environment. They have improved many industries such as the car manufacturing and packaging plants. People were once shy about the use of robots but have embraced the machines after learning about the benefits of using them to create innovative products and help ensure that Earth is healthy place for future generations.

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Movies Improve With Robotics

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Special effects are always the biggest part of movies, and they can make or break it. The better the effects, the better the movie is. Robotic technology has improved the movie industry dramatically in the last few years, but not just as in a form of characters; they also help produce the film. The first robots used in the movies were simple and laughable now. Today however, robotic technology makes the images more lifelike.

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IGVC: Pushing Young Minds Forward

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College students across the country come together as teams each year to compete in competitions to build the best autonomous vehicle. Simply put, these crafty and smart students build a vehicle that uses robotic technology to operate. The intelligent ground vehicle competition, or IGVC, is one such competition that young engineer majors can join.

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A123: Changing the Way the World Moves

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A123 Systems is an innovative company dedicated to changing the lives of people around the world. Technology advances have helped skyrocket this company recently. Founded in 2001, A123 is dedicated to new technology developments to improve the world. Most notable for the latest lithium batteries, this company is definitively leading business in robotic technology.

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