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The Xtreme Power Solutions Company has designed a new, highly useful eco-friendly product. The Professional II Portable Power System is a portable electrical generator that does not run on gasoline—no gas, no emissions, and no noise. Instead, it is essentially a very large, very powerful, very efficient, rechargeable battery. For the right people in the right situations, this is a very useful, efficient, and economical product.

The Professional II Portable Power System provides 5000 watts of continuous power, and is capable of up to 10,000 watts for peak power spikes. Safety features include a low voltage alarm and a High Temperature Alarm. It has six outlets—four for 115 volts AC tools, one for 20 Amp GCFI, and a 2500 Amp outlet for jump-starting vehicles and other heavy equipment. All outlets are equipped with aluminum covers to protect them from the elements.

If you don’t need that much firepower, there is the Journeyman II—a smaller, cheaper version designed for individual handymen. This unit only provides 3000 watts of power, and sustains peak power spikes up to 7200 watts. On the other hand, if you need more power, Xtreme Power Solutions also offers a commercial version of their Portable Power System designed to run multiple constructions crew at once.


The Professional II is designed to support a construction crew of 3 people for a full day. More specifically, it can run two to four power tools for eight to ten hours. The self-charging portable power system can be recharged in two ways. First, it has a built-in onboard AC charger, so it can recharge from any standard 120-volt wall outlet. A full recharge from a wall outlet takes about one to two hours. The second way it can be recharged is from a vehicle by tapping into the engine’s alternator. Using this method, it can fully recharging itself in roughly two to four hours. In other words, if you’re worried about running out of power during a project, just leave the power system plugged into the vehicle while you run out for your lunch break.

Although not the smallest portable power generator ever designed, the Professional II is still in a similar size range to other generators of comparable wattage output. Just under a yard long, a foot wide, and a foot and a half high, this portable sound system has a compact design that won’t take up a lot of storage space in a utility van, trailer, motor boat, or the back of a pickup truck. It also comes with Payday Loans a heavy-duty handcart so that it can optionally be easily transported to remote locations where power is not easily available, such as wilderness or construction sites.

Another benefit of a power cell generator over a gas generator is the ease of maintenance. Generators contain many moving parts that need to be lubricated and are prone to wearing out and breaking. An electrical power cell is mostly solid-state technology that suffers less wear and tear during use and requires less maintenance and repair.

The Professional II Portable Power System does have two drawbacks: weight and expense. Regarding weight, at 320 pounds, the Professional II is twice the weight of gas generators of comparable power output, making its “portability” somewhat theoretical. The handcart that comes with this unit alleviates the weight problem somewhat. On the bright side, its weight makes it difficult for someone to steal out of the back of your pickup truck.

As for price, a gas-powered electrical generator of comparable power costs between $350 to $2000, depending on quality and the number of features. The Professional II, in contrast, is over twice that amount with a price tag topping $4000. On the other hand, although gas generators are cheaper, you also have to pay for the gasoline. With the cost of gas rising steadily, a battery-powered generator definitely has its appeal. If the Professional II is needed frequently, such as the daily use a construction crew requires, the amount of gas money saved over the lifetime of the product will easily make up for the additional expense.

So is this product right for you? The answer depends on what you need a portable power generator for. If you just want a backup generator to keep in your basement in case of a blizzard or blackout, this may not be the most useful or economical option. If you need a portable power generator occasionally, such as for camping, boating, or sporting, the Professional II is an attractive choice, but some may balk at the price tag. The less powerful and less expensive Journeyman II might be a better choice. Ultimately, it may come down to buyer’s conscious and their commitment to green technology. Finally, if you will be using a portable power generator frequently, the Professional II is a very sound investment. The savings it provides on fuel and maintenance make it a very economical choice. In such a situation, the fact that it is eco-friendly and noise, gas, and emission free becomes a secondary, but pleasant, extra bonus.

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