Zen Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire

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Minka Aire, based in Corona, CA, is a pioneer in ceiling fans. They provide a unique blend of design, form and function. They strive to provide their customers with newer collections and comprehensive designs. The Zen ceiling fan is such a creation by Minka Aire.

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Electric Generator-Xtreme Power-Remote Power Supply

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The Xtreme Power Solutions Company has designed a new, highly useful eco-friendly product. The Professional II Portable Power System is a portable electrical generator that does not run on gasoline—no gas, no emissions, and no noise. Instead, it is essentially a very large, very powerful, very efficient, rechargeable battery. For the right people in the right situations, this is a very useful, efficient, and economical product.

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Winter Evaporative Air Cooler

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Are you sitting in a hot room with no air conditioning? Are you sick of paying for an expensive unit that eats up money and spits out dirty air? The Symphony Comfort(symphonycomfort.com) may be the unit you want to consider. It costs roughly $450 and can cool a room up to 750 square feet. It cools outside air and does not have CFC. Its power consumption is 175 watts or about 17 cents/hr.

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Wattson by Diykyoto

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Do you want a way to monitor how much electricity you are using through out the month? Wattson could be a device that could work for you. Wattson is made by Diy Kyoto(diykyoto.com). It costs roughly 300 dollars. It works by having your electrical usage transferred to a main device(the Wattson) by a transmitter. It can store four weeks of energy. It can show energy usage in Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Stirlings and Yen.

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Solatube Skylight Tubes

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If you are looking for energy efficient lighting then the Solatube skylight tubes might be just what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for lighting for your home or your business, Solatube has a solution to suit your needs.

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Have you ever wanted freshly steamed vegetables and fish when you are out on a camping trip? The Tulsi-hybrid solar cooking oven is made by Sun BD Corporation and Rohitas Electronics. The oven is listed at 299 dollars on sunbdcorp.com. The Tulsi solar oven works by using solar energy or an electrical outlet. The oven can reach temperatures of about 400 degrees. It can be used anywhere when traveling.


Trellis Biodegradable Plate

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Corn is not just for eating anymore. As science advances so does plastic plates. Plastic is a bi-product of oil. Plastic does not biodegrade, but Bioplastic does. What is bioplastic? Bioplastics are Plastics that are made from biomass. For example, trellisearth.com makes plastic wear. They make their products from corn polymers, starches. A 1600 pack of 7” plates retails on the site for roughly 130 dollars.

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Toyota Prius

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Hybrid cars have been coming up a big way recently due to their low costs and greener technologies. Toyota has released their latest hybrid, the Prius. Toyota started selling automobiles in America in the mid 1950’s. From then on they have been successfully making cars for 50 years and have been delivering a perfect mixture of quality, pricing, safety and satisfaction. Hybrid cars refer to those cars which have two sources of power.

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Toshiba TV- 22LV505 HDTV - TV/DVD Combo

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Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment these days and purchasing energy efficient products for the home is just one thing that we can all do. It is entirely possible to purchase good, reliable products that are also good for the environment and the Toshiba 22LV505 television is a classic example.

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Toshiba Satellite A355-S6935 16.0-Inch Laptop

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Toshiba is an American company that has over 800 employees and is a leading manufacturer of electronic goods worldwide. Their products include Flash memory, LCD‘s microprocessors, Laptops, and digital home theater products etc. > One of their latest products is the Toshiba Satellite A355-S6935 16.0-Inch Laptop. The Toshiba laptop has dimensions of 10.5 inches by 15.1 inches by 1.4 inches and weighs 6.5 pounds.

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